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2 new songs ready for release, with upcoming video/song performance

Two new songs completed!

I composed my two new songs "Shohei, Javy, and Altuve" (English title)

"しょうへい きみのみちをゆけ" ("Shohei, kimi no michi o yuke") (Japanese title)

from March 07-28th, 2018 during spring training when It was unclear if Shohei Otani would make the California Angels major league squad or not.


I wrote the songs to encourage him to fight on and try to realize his dream of being a top flight mlb player, no matter what.


My friend in Japan, believed in my dream to write a bi-lingual song, and aided in my translation and development of original Japanese language lyrics.


We completed both versions by 3/28/18.


Then, I received the great playing of professional friends for the tracks.


Everybody came together to make this great sound!


International baseball fans are all praying for Shoheis full recovery and return to the spectacular form he showed in his 2018 MLB debut season with the California Angels!


The Angel fans, and worldwide fans can hardly wait!


I hope this song will give back to Shohei and his fans, some of the excitement that his marvelous debut created for the MLB in 2018!


James Udesky - Recording first music video (2018)
James Udesky - Recording first music video (2018)

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