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"Forever in Me" and "Zutto Nippon To" Making Headway

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Just received the following from a Japanese/American friend living in USA.

"Enjoyed viewing your works! Well done, I am impressed!  

I'm not good at social media, but succeeded viewing your YouTube links,

and they were delightful!

I am going to forward your site ( and links to

"Forever In Me"

"Zutto Nippon To"

to the International Women’s Associates Organization

and the Japan America Society offices in Chicago, NYC, LA etc.

In fact, International Women’s Associates is hosting a Japan Gala in May 2020.

Your songs will help the committee introduce Japan to the members,

all leading up to the Summer Olympics 2020 in Tokyo!" Great timing!



よくやった、感動しました! 今日のソーシャルメディアの処理はあまり得意ではありませんが、提供されたYouTubeリンクから作品を見ることに成功し、高品位なサウンド/ビデオ/歌はうれしかったです!


実際、来年の5月にInternational Women's Associatesがジャパンガラを開催します。そのため、できればイベントの前にできる限り多くの方法でメンバーに日本を紹介するよう委員会にお願いします。


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