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"If You Have A Dream" reaching hearts of friends in Japan and USA!

I'm truly blessed to be in contact with these great people/friends; an accomplished corporate business person, an honored master craftsman, and a legendary musician who has graced these recordings with his impeccable, tasty playing.

Hearing these words is the true reward for all the hard work and belief that go into making each song.

As the rap lyrics in the song go....


Chiisana yuuki wo motsukoto


Sorewa ookina kekka wo dasu ippo

Mustering a small oz. of courage

is the first step to making huge progress towards our goals!!!

1) "Thank you for the contact. I really enjoyed your new song. It empowers us!"

お問い合わせありがとうございます.あなたの新しい歌を本当に楽しみました. それは私たちに力を与えます.

2) おせいじじゃなくって、本当に素敵な歌詞とメロディーに 聴き惚れました。有難う。

No flattery intended, really nice lyrics and melodies. I fell in love with it. Thank you.

3) Hey James U,

Nice going again. I have to say, I've heard a lot of Japanese pop music and it often sounds like they use a kind of formula. I can almost predict exactly where the song will go next - even the melodies - even in their “rock” bands.

But your tunes include some nice musical twists and turns which I’m sure the Japanese audience must find surprising. I hope they continue to enjoy the tracks you are making for them!

Carry on,

In Japanese:


再びよくやった, 私は多くの日本のポップミュージックを聞いたことがあり、彼らはしばしば一種の式を使用しているように聞こえます。曲がどこに行くのか、メロディーであっても、「ロック」バンドであっても、ほぼ正確に予測できます。

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