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My next song is in the queue to CDbaby, iTunes, Apple Music Spotify etc

Just received notification that my new song "USA, I'm Proud to Be from Thee" has been finalized for digital distribution and is now in queue to iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Amazon, and many more. ( iTunes takes from as little as a few days to a max of 1-2 weeks.)

I'm also finishing up a beautiful videography of the song for release on youtube channel in near future.

The Statue of LIberty photo art was taken by my dear KUniversity friend from NYC, Jon Ortner. Great photo, thanks Jonny!

Thanks also to the stellar musicians who play on this song, (listed in the video and on-going), and to all friends and family connected. Top quality sounds for sure!

The best to all for a great year in 2019!

James U.

James Udesky - USA, I'm Proud to be from Thee CD Cover 12/15/18

Photo credit: John Ortner

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