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Shohei "live in Chicago", as Shohei song/video reaches 1000 views

Went to the Angels/White Sox game in Chicago last Sunday, 090918. There were many Japanese fans in attendance! Shohei walked and hit a double. The previous two games he hit a 3-run home run on Friday night, and a triple on Saturday.

What an exciting player! He's "excelling on a higher plane"! The 2018 MLB campaign is in its final weeks for the Los Angels Angels, and Shohei's season has been one for the ages. So far, he's got 19 HR's (three more than Matsui Hideki's rookie season in N.Y.) and batting .295 with 54 RBI's to go with his 4-2 starting pitcher outings. Definite candidate for Rookie of the Year 2018!!!!

Shohei song/video youtube releases have reached the 1000 view mark within the first 7 weeks. A breakdown has it 444 views for "Shohei, Kimi no michi o yuuke" (Japanese language version) and 587 views for "Shohei, Javy, & Altuve".

In contrast, my first song/video Slow Foods took 6 months to reach the 1000 view mark.

James Udesky - Watching Shohei Ohtani
James Udesky - Watching Shohei Ohtani

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