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"That was lit, James! I like this track a lot, very inspirational

writes a golf friend now attending the University Of Arizona.

He continues, "Is there any way you could get Jinyoung, Sunghyun, or Seiyoung to hear it?

Have you tried sending it to them at all?

I replied,

Thanks! Glad this tune reaches you!

I sent the first part to Tom Abbot of golf channel Instagram page just prior to CME Globe championship (which Jinyoung won! And Seiyoung placed 2nd), and on the 2nd day of the tournament he said just before commercial break “jinyoung, Seiyoung...leading the way” at the CME Globe”.....I’d like to think he listened to my song (key lyric in chorus),

I’ll keep trying. Just have to keep knocking and singing and creating!!

Kindly send this link to your golf friends for me!!!

Much appreciation!!!


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